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Today's economic times have made small business owners change their marketing strategies. Many have found new ways to cut overhead and compensate for the general business slowdown. Being Creative and cutting out the unnecessary is one excellent way for a business to survive and thrive. However, Cutting advertising out of your budget is not! A business must be visible and available to their clients at all times, call today to schedule a meeting with one of our web marketing specialists.

Web Site Special Offer

Having Placerville Design build or refurbish your business website is the first step. The second step is visibility, the secret to this is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Every Day and estimated 235 Million searches are preformed on alone. Combine this number with the search statistics from other search engines like Yahoo!, MSN, or and the number becomes to large to fully comprehend. I am sure that we can agree that people are using search engines more and more. So Why doesn't every business thrive as soon as they get a webpage? The answer is simply the shear vastness of the Web. As of last year there where an estimated 182 Million websites existing on the web per DNS Records. So the question is "How Do I stick out in the Crowd?". That is where Placerville Design's SEO Specialists can help. Our Team will mold your companies image to a search engine friendly format. Though no company can truly guarantee first page google results [despite what they might tell you] our reputation and results speak for it self. Placerville Design will get your page noticed, after all ask your self how you found our site today.

Web Hosting

Placerville Design has Affordable and Reliable Web Hosting. Hosting Plans start at just 14.99 per Month. Pay a year in advance and receive our web hosting for only 9.99 per month. Don't pay too much for your current Web Hosting, Let Placerville Design host your site and save.

Off Site Back Up Solutions

Today's business relies on computers. In the event of a computer break down is your data safe? Don't let a faulty pc or virus crash your business. Ask about our automated off site backup solutions.

Data Safe Computer Backup Solutions

Our Technician will set your computer to transfer the data that you need backed up to our secure server every night through a encrypted socket. Placerville Design's automated system makes backup easy. Call us today and ask us about our hassle free, affordable data backup plans.

Thank You For Visiting

We look forward to your business in the future, if we have not mentioned a service that you are looking for send us an email and ask. Chances are we can provide you with any technical need you may be after.